Mina Abbasi Dinani

  • "A scene from "Antichamber" game"

Curriculum Vitae - September 2016

Research Interests :

Computer Architecture, Hardware-Software Interaction, Networks


Sharif Unniversity of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Sep 2011-Sep 2013

Master Thesis Title: “Scene Detection and Analysis by Image Classification in Specific Classes”

Isfahan Unniversity of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Sep 2006-Sep 2010

Professional Experiences:

Parto Tamas Novin (Parman), Tehran, Iran, Jun 2013–Aug 2016, R&D Engineer and Digital Designer

Sarvnet Telecomunication Inc. , Isfahan, Iran, 2009-2011, Digital Designer

Teachig Experiences:

Teacher Assistant, “Embedded Systems”, for undergraduate students EE department, Sharif University of Technology (winter 2013)

Instructor of HDL (Hardware Description Language) design, for graduate students, Extra Curricular Centre , Sharif University of Technology (winter-2014)


Mina Abbasi Dinani, Parvin Ahmadi, Iman Gholampour, “Efficient Feature Extraction for Highway Traffic Density Classification”, 9th National Conference of Machine Vision and Image Processing (MVIP 2015)

Golnaz Ghodoosipour, Mina Abbasi,” DOA(Direction Of Arrival) Estimation for Uniform Sensor Array using MUSIC(Multiple Signal Classification) and Root-MUSIC Algorithms: Improving Estimation Results” ICSAP, February 2011, Singapore, PP. 269-272